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Late Night Hosts Step Up To Provide The Moral Leadership Trump Won't

At the end of the day, these familiar faces are putting the day's news in a moral perspective.

This is weird, right? That there's such a moral vacuum at the top in America that light-night comedians feel compelled to step up and fill it?

I have to think this makes a difference, though. Maybe some of it is just preaching to the choir, but I have to believe that their voices of common sense are making a difference.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel stood up for the students who walked out of school to protest the should be applauded, and went after the nuts like Alex Jones who always take advantage of this..

“Yes, there are always crackpots in situations like this who come out of the woodwork with these irrational, this paranoia-fueled nonsense. The far right wing thrives on conspiracy theories. Global warming is a conspiracy. The Russia investigation is a conspiracy. Obama’s birth certificate was a conspiracy. And those are just the big ones. There are hundreds of others,” he said.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert talked about the Parkland kids traveling to Tallahassee yesterday, and made fun of people who call millennials "lazy and entitled."

He also pointed out the irony of state politicians refusing to do anything about assault weapons, but voting against pornography. "What do you have against teenagers?" he cracked.

But my favorite part was when he went after "former Georgia congressman and greasy bag of cash Jack Kingston," who attacked the kids and called them "frauds," insisting they couldn't possibly be organizing a national rally without outside help.

"Jack, teenagers are pretty good at organizing big gatherings by themselves," Colbert said "I mean, didn't you ever go to a party in high school?" Pause. "Oh."

They're not the only ones, of course, but they have an audience of millions and they're raising their voices for good. Good for them -- and us.

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