Kavanaugh lied about pretty much everything, but the most odd lies have to do with his drinking. One of his friends from Yale states that he completely lied about his drinking.
September 29, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a lying liar who lies about everything, from his yearbook to his privilege. The man sees no issue with using girls as props during his confirmation hearing and asking a Senator if she had been black out drunk before.

To put it clearly, Kavanaugh is a manipulative, arrogant, entitled liar who deserves no seat on the Supreme Court and should have his current position in the DC Court of Appeals reevaluated.

One of the most stupid lies he has repeatedly told was that he didn't drink much, even though all signs point to the opposite. Well, one of his Yale classmates and roommate of Debbie Ramirez (second accuser), Liz Swisher, went on CNN to directly contradict his ridiculous "I was a totally sober choir boy" story.

CUOMO: All right. You heard me talking to your friend Lynne last night, and her feelings that she's a Republican, she believes in Kavanaugh's pedigree as a jurist but she heard him say things under oath she knows not to be true. Do you share her opinion? SWISHER: I do. I absolutely share her opinion.

CUOMO: How so? What do you know about Brett Kavanaugh that he was not truthful about in the hearing?

SWISHER: Well, I've known Brett since the beginning freshman year. He was always one of the beer drinking boys and I drank beer with him. I like beer. There's no problem with drinking beer in college. The problem is lying about it. He drank heavily. He was a partier. He liked to do beer bongs. He played drinking games. He was a sloppy drunk. He was more interested in impressing the boys than he was in impressing the girls. I never saw him be sexually aggressive but he definitely was sloppy drunk.

CUOMO: So in terms of the allegations of a more serious nature, you have nothing on that? You never saw him do anything wrong, or offensive or inappropriate with any women. Good to note out of fairness. However, his description of himself as, certainly in high school, I was about my church programs, going to church, studying, being number one, doing my sports teams, didn't have sex in high school, didn't have sex for many years after that, loved beer but that's it. Nothing to excess. You don't buy it?

SWISHER: I don't buy it. I didn't -- that's not the Brett I knew, as soon as I met him in college. It's not the Brett I saw during four years at Yale, and I don't think many of his answers were credible. I don't -- I really question any senator that Ralph Club had something to do with his known weak stomach. I knew of no weak stomach. That's not what ralphing means to any college kid.

CUOMO: Yes, it means you're just throwing up from drinking too much in general.

SWISHER: Exactly.

CUOMO: There were a lot of things he explained in a way that didn't meet with people's expectations. Let me ask you something, though, if he is lying about how much he liked drinking and whether or not he got drunk a lot, if he is not telling the truth about that, do you think that that is disqualifying for him in this nomination?

SWISHER: Absolutely. That's perjury. He was under oath.

CUOMO: Even if it's not about the main allegations, even if he's telling the truth that I'm not the one who did this to Christine Ford, I didn't do what your former roommate at Yale, Ramirez, alleges. I never did that to her. I was never there. I didn't do any of that. If he's truthful about all that but not telling the truth about how he was with booze, that's enough for you?

SWISHER: That's enough for me. If he said -- I would have stayed on the sidelines if he said I drank to excess in high school, I drank to excess in college. I did some stupid things, but I never sexually assaulted anybody, that I would have stayed on the sidelines for. I didn't have any credible evidence to the contrary. But to lie under oath, to lie about that, then what else is true? To be -- to blur, you know, in the highest position in the judiciary in our land, to not know the difference between truth and lies, that's just terrible. It's not about women versus men. It's not about Democrats versus Republicans. It's about the integrity of the Supreme Court.

CUOMO: Now, I'm not asking you about what Ramirez alleges because you've already said, you don't know anything about that. You were her roommate, but you weren't present. You hadn't heard about it at the time, you don't know anything about. Let me ask you something, are you willing to talk to the FBI?

SWISHER: I'm willing to talk to the FBI, yes.

CUOMO: That's a little bit of a scary proposition, too. You know, one of the differences, even if you put out a sworn statement, which some people have, I think in Mark Judge's case, it was through his attorney, so it's a little tricky in terms of whether or not that's a sworn statement that has the same penalty of a felony that others do. But when you sit across from the FBI, you have to tell them the truth or it's a crime. Not a problem for you?

SWISHER: Not a problem for me. I believe in the truth


It's nice to see that someone understands that this has nothing to do with gender or politics - it is about understanding the difference between right and wrong. Earning the seat on the highest court is not a birthright - it is an honor. And Brett Kavanaugh has not earned that honor.

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