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Pat Robertson Claims Obama Made Migrant Babies Citizens

Pat Robertson needs to read the 14th amendment.

On Tuesday's 700 Club, Pat Robertson opened the program by praising Trump for already issuing an executive order (he hasn't as of yet) that strips babies of their birthright citizenship and claiming President Obama just willy-nilly allowed them to become citizens.

Pat Robertson was defending Trump's claim that babies born in the United States that are from foreign countries shouldn't be entitled to the rights of a U.S. citizen, ignoring the U.S. Constitution in the process.

Pat uses almost every vile and racist description of a migrant that he can in just under a minute.

Robertson said, "If an illegal alien runs across the border to America and then has a baby, does that baby become a citizen of the United States, subject to welfare and all the benefits our citizens have?"

He continued, "Under Obama, the answer was yes. So the undocumented alien just to get across the border and give birth means that that baby is a US citizen."

President Obama adhered to the 14th Amendment and did not issue an executive order making them US citizens, but you know facts don't matter for Trump apologists.

Robertson continued, "President Trump, by executive order said 'no way!' (Trump has only threatened to do so) Undocumented alien have children here, those children don't have any, don't become citizens --- well congratulations this is just one stroke that he's done and he's done a lot of good stuff."

It seems like Trump's alien speaking patterns have rubbed off on Pat.

Fascist regimes always target specific minorities by using hatred, fear, and lies and turning them into an invasion force coming for your families.

What Trump is doing is akin to those past atrocities.

And the Pat Robertsons of the religious right are all too happy to comply.

PS "Anchor babies" don't count if they're Russian Oligarchs, right, Pat?

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