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Sen. Kennedy Whines About Incivility, Isn't Sure Democrats 'Have A Soul'

That's not cognitive dissonance; it's just Republicans being Republicans.

Senator John "No Relation" Kennedy from the great state of Louisiana stopped by Tucker Carlson's show to bemoan the lack of civility in our politics, particularly with regard to Brett Kavanaugh's pending confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States of Republicans And Rapey Old Men.

In the process, he whined about Democrats. "I think there are some Democrats in good faith but I think some of their colleagues, it isn't about searching for the truth," he said earnestly. "It's about winning, just win, baby, win."

"It doesn't matter who gets destroyed," he complained.

Without irony, he continued, "I'm not going to name names but I'm not sure they have a soul. I don't think their mother breast-fed them, I think they went right to raw meat."

That's some extra-strength hypocrisy right there. Complaining about civility while you're literally calling your opponents animals is pretty rich.

Juanita Jean:

And this came from the party that sold the country to the Russians to win and keeps a maniac in the White House just to keep the win. His mother suckled him on hypocrisy and hate.

MSNBC's Steve Benen was also taken aback:

Kavanaugh’s indignation lost some of its appeal when Donald Trump also started throwing around the word “evil” to describe Kavanaugh’s opponents – the president used the word again last night, right around the time he mocked Christine Blasey Ford over her sexual-assault allegation – but I at least understood the point he was trying to convey.

But John Neely Kennedy, who’s on the Judiciary Committee and heard Kavanaugh’s testimony, decided it was time to question whether his Democratic colleagues have souls.

My point is not to finger-wave or condemn occasional hyperbole. Between the midterm elections and a debate over the least popular Supreme Court nominee in modern history, we’re in the midst of some political tumult right now, and some over-the-top language is inevitable.

But I hope we haven’t reached a point in which inflated rhetoric from one party is considered dangerous, while similar rhetoric from the other party is trivial.

Oh, Steve, aren't you the optimist! This is how it's been for years. Obama must be vetted but Trump doesn't need to release tax returns, for example. The Affordable Care Act is a left-wing plot to kill Grandma! Remember that one?

It's always like this. The only ones who are permitted to rage are white, entitled Republican men. The rest of us can just go straight to hell, chewing raw meat all the way.

(h/t Media Matters)

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