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Jeffrey Toobin Laughs: 'You Want To Talk About Motive' For Obstruction?

The CNN legal analyst could not hold back his frustrated laughter at the absurdity of no charges of obstruction of justice for Trump.

None of this is actually laughable, but so many people who are professional TV journalists and legal scholars are finding it impossible to hold back their chuckles. Over on MSNBC, we had Nicolle Wallace laughing openly in Jay Sekulow's face when he said Trump doesn't support people lying in the investigation. And here on CNN, Jeffrey Toobin could not suppress his laughs when discussing the fact that somehow, Barr and Trump are trying to spin the Mueller Report to look like Trump didn't obstruct justice.

The president finds out about the investigation, literally says the words "I'm f*cked" in response, tries every which way to fire the Special Counsel investigating him, and that's not obstruction? Yeah, the rest of us think that's pretty ludicrous, too.

TOOBIN: If this isn’t obstruction of justice, I’d like to see what is obstruction of justice, because the scale and the number of episodes in the way that the president tried to stop this investigation — without stopping it, and that needs to be pointed out, is just extraordinary. And you want to talk about motive? The part that Pamela just quoted, he's sitting there looking at an investigation where he says, "This is the end of my presidency." So he spends the next year trying to interfere with that investigation so his presidency doesn’t end? I mean, that's as clear an indication of motive as I can determine. And if you look at the extraordinary details, here, the often minute-by-minute analysis of who the president is calling and when and what he's saying, including phone calls that I certainly wasn't aware of, to Corey Lewandowski, who he was telling to do things. You know I suppose one explanation for this is that he was just blowing off steam, and the invariable explanation that we always get from Sarah Sanders that he was just joking, but it's a lot of evidence of obstruction of justice.

You know what's making ME laugh? The fact that Toobin thinks Sarah Sanders will ever hold a press conference again.

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