June 17, 2019

Is it too much to ask for Chuck Todd to either do his job as a journalist to ensure the information transmitted on his show is accurate, or apply to Fox News for employment? Yesterday, Chuckie-boy asked Scalise about signing a pledge to refuse to accept interference or information from foreign governments in the next (or any future) election. Scalise let fly some world-class bullsh*t, and Todd climbed right on aboard.

TODD: Do you think that the Republican campaign arm of the House ought to pledge not to use any stolen material, hacked material, I know that there's been some attempts to get both political parties to sign these pledges, there's been some hesitation on the House side.

SCALISE: I'm sure they'll look at that too. I think it's real interesting that the entire basis of the Mueller report was information that the Democrat Party got from Russia. They solicited using foreign spies, of all people, and used that to turn over to the FBI, and unfortunately you had some people in the FBI with a political agenda against President Trump, who used that as the basis for an investigation to then SPY on then-candidate Trump.

TODD: Right.

SCALISE: There are a lot of concerns, I think, and things that need to be rooted out with the FBI to make sure THAT doesn't happen again, either.

1. There is no "Democrat" party. There is a "Democratic" party, and it's the one that values smart people and kindness, rather than orphaning migrant 4-month-olds, forcing girls in Alabama raped by their Uncle to allow him visitation rights (upon penalty of jail time) to her children, and police threatening to shoot a pregnant Black woman in the face while she's holding her 1-year-old, because her 4-year-old accidentally took a doll from a Dollar Store.

2. The entire basis of the Mueller report was NOT information the Democratic Party got from Russia. It was based on the fact that someone in Trump's own campaign, George Papadapoulos, told an Australian diplomat that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton, prompting that diplomat to alert the FBI. Hell, even Fox News' Chris Wallace wouldn't let his guests get away with that nonsense.

3. The Democrats did not solicit foreign spies. Christopher Steele was a private citizen hired to do opposition research on the Trump campaign, like every presidential campaign does.

4. No one in the FBI SPIED on then-candidate Trump.
(a) There is a difference between spying and conducting surveillance on someone who has earned watching via a FISA warrant, which is very hard to get and in this case, signed by Republican judges.
(b) Trump was never surveilled. The FBI was watching Carter Page. With good reason, and only after the proper FISA warrants were obtained.

So, at this point, 3 outright whopper lies told in the space of 20 seconds, and does Chuckie-poo correct any of them? Or challenge Scalise to clarify his remarks? Noooooooooo.


He AFFIRMS them, with a nod, and by saying, "Right."

RIGHT, he says!

Then Scalise completely changes the subject to make the fascist suggestion that the origins of the investigation is really what should be looked into, like we're in — OH, I DON'T KNOW, RUSSIA? — and blames the FBI for having begun the Mueller report at all. Does Chuck challenge THAT? Newp. You know what he says?

"I wanna ask you about Iran."

FFS, Chuck. Can I come on your show, so I can go on and on about how useless you are? At least I will be telling the truth.


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