January 27, 2020

I'm old enough to remember President Putinpoodle crowing about how ballsy it was of him to assassinate Iraq's second most powerful leader, Qasem Soleimani. I haven't forgotten, either, the way he bragged about this impulsive, dangerous move being sure to make Americans safer - after all - he was saving us from some "imminent threat," right?

Don't worry, what's a few missiles launched into an American airbase in Iraq gonna do in retaliation? I mean, he tweeted "So far, so good," so nothing to worry about, amirite? He even said, “We suffered no casualties, all of our soldiers are safe, and only minimal damage was sustained at our military bases.” Trump's word is always good, dontchyaknow.

What's that you say? It ISN'T always good? Oh, that's right, it's NEVER good, and not only that, you can count on his sycophants to be deployed out into the media diaspora to lie their lying faces off to defend him. Yesterday it was Sen. Tom Cotton. On Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan challenged him with the Pentagon report that in reality, 34 Americans were indeed injured in the Iranian attack on our airbase in Iraq, and half of them are receiving treatment.

When Brennan asked him how serious their injuries were, he instead said the military does a better job now than it did when he was in the military of treating brain injury. Not the answer to the question.

Then she played Trump completely downplaying the extent of their injuries, many of which are TBIs (traumatic brain injuries.) Trump essentially said, "Meh, they're just having some headeaches...", prompting the VFW to demand an apology. What did Sen. Cotton do? He defended his draft-dodging, lying, criminal Commander-In-Chief.

BRENNAN: I want to play though — here's how the president described it when he was asked about their injuries.

TRUMP: I heard that they had headaches and a couple other things, but I would say, and I can report, it is not very serious.
(end clip)

COTTON: So, I think ----

BRENNAN: Veterans groups are calling for the president to apologize. Should he apologize for calling it "not that serious?"

COTTON: He's not dismissing their injuries, he's describing their injuries.

BRENNAN: He said, "They're headaches and not very serious."

COTTON: I think he's describing their injuries, he's not dismissing their injuries. Head injuries can be...

BRENNAN: He said, "Headaches, I don't consider them very serious."

COTTON: That's like saying having a flesh wound is not very serious--

BRENNAN: Veterans groups, and I know you are a veteran, and I know that you know people who have suffered from TBI, as do I, don't you think it's serious, and the president may need to apologize?

COTTON: If it isn't-- if they are as a matter of fact-- injuries are not serious, if they're on the less-severe side of the scale than the severe/traumatic side of the scale, the president is just describing what happened to them, he was not dismissing them.

BRENNAN: So you consider a TBI A serious injury?

COTTON: Yes, but again, there is a big scale of that that can be return to duty in one day, or have severe, traumatic lasting injury. And I think he's describing, thankfully, what end of the scale that lies on.

Yeah, I'm SURE that's what's going on. It's not Trump covering his lying, colossally stupid, man-baby move to try to distract from impeachment by putting out a hit on a foreign leader without having to suffer any kind of consequence like, oh, I don't know, wounded American soldiers.

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