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How To Explain 'Unmasking' To Your Facebook Friends

Sean Hannity is trying to make "unmasking" the new Burisma Solyndra Whitewater Baby Parts Vince Foster Birth certificate Kenyan Muslim Uranium One Seth Rich Benghazi and the Tarmac. But unmasking is just a thing that protects pizza delivery guys. REALLY.

This whole fake "unmasking" fake "scandal" from Hannity is easy to understand, actually. It's about pizza delivery guys.

There's a US SPY in the National Security Group. We find out about it because we are listening in on RUSSIAN SPY conversations.

The Government is not allowed to report on US Citizens except when there's evidence that SPYING is going on. So if RUSSIAN SPIES order a pizza, that pizza guy is not going to be put on a watch list. But if the RUSSIAN SPIES talk secrets with someone at THE PENTAGON, people like THE PRESIDENT need to know that.

That's called "unmasking." The President gets to know the name of the US citizen AT THE PENTAGON who is trading secrets with RUSSIAN SPIES. This protects pizza guys but "unmasks" US citizens who are doing SPY stuff.

Michael Flynn was CAUGHT when his voice was taped listening in on RUSSIAN SPY conversations. This was such a huge deal that the CIA went through channels to "unmask" Michael Flynn, and tell the president that there's this guy trying to make deals with RUSSIAN SPIES for natural gas stock holdings. It was about money and giving Flynn natural gas stock in exchange for dropping sanctions by the way.

So the court says OMG yes warn the president about this US citizen because OMG and on INAUGURATION DAY Obama sits down with the new president, Trump, and one of the things he tells Trump is OMG don't hire Michael Flynn because yeah he's doing Russian Spy stuff. Trump hires him anyway and he is IN CHARGE OF NATIONAL SECURITY for like 9 days before the spy stuff catches up with him.

Now in May 2020 Donald Trump and Fox News are scared Trump might not be reelected because let's face it -- he's a big fat FAIL on Covid because in January he put the stock market ahead of people dying of a virus. Easy mistake to make when you call Lou Dobbs "The News."

Now Hannity rolls into action and makes "unmasking" which he NEVER explains what that IS but it sounds bad as some sort of "Obama crime." It isn't. It's just a distraction from 88,000 dead American citizens. The End.

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