May 8, 2020

All day Friday, Fox News has been in orgasmic overload after Bill Barr instructed the DOJ to drop the charges against Mike Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI before he lied about his lie to Mike Pence which was the reason Trump originally gave for dismissing him.

Lara Logan, the former CBS news correspondent who was put on leave and later let go by the network because she promoted a phony Benghazi story by a security contractor named Dylan Davies.

Davies offered up her a now discredited version on the attack after it was found out that he gave a much different version to his employers, the FBI, and State Department.

But of course now she's a shiny new host for Fox Nation.

During Fox News' Outnumbered program Friday, after about four minutes of promoting the ridiculous case of Michael Flynn, host Harris Faulkner attacked Rep. Adam Schiff on his handling of the Russian investigation and asked Marie Harf, the Democratic analyst to comment.

Harf said Rep. Schiff has already discussed a lot of it on Twitter and turned her attentions toward Trump's personal attorney, oh, I mean AG Bill Barr.

You'll notice as Marie was talking, you can hear Lara Logan and others making noises off-camera to distract away from her segment. (You never see a conservative interrupted like this on Fox News by the hosts)

"Bill Barr has made it clear that he sees his job as one of defending the president and Donald Trump has made clear that he wants to do everything in his power to discredit the Russia investigation, even though it showed quite a bit of at least conversations between Russian officials and Trump campaign officials," Harf said.

There were over 100 contact points between Trump campaign and Russians named in the Mueller report, but Fox News made believe they didn't exist. lists them extensively here.

Harf continued, "This is the latest example of it. yesterday, Barr basically made a statement that said, "you can lie to the FBI, and that's okay and there is still a ton of evidence that the investigation was absolutely an appropriate one, that Flynn was absolutely someone who should have been investigated, and he at the end of the day, chose to lie about his contact with foreign countries. If Bill Barr wants to say that's not a crime, that is a precedent I'm not sure either party wants to set."

Off camera, Logan said "Oh, my God."

Harris Faulkner then asked Logan if she felt the same way. (No, there was no laugh track activated.)
Fox Nation' Laura Logan was infuriated by her accurate account and basically called her a liar.

"Wow. I feel like I'm in some kind of alternative, fantasy, sci-fi, reality universe movie," Logan snarked.

Huh? Maybe she could squeeze in a few more phrases?

"That is nothing could be further from the truth. I'm not sure Marie that there was a word that came out of your mouth that's actually true," she laughed.

Marie Harf "Wow."

"Just look at this transcript," Logan said.

Marie off camera said, "Happy Friday, everyone! [laughs]

Yes, a typical Friday on Fox News.

Logan went on to mention every right wing conspiracy theory between fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign and Vladimir Putin.

And then Logan ridiculously said, "Bill Barr has never said that his mission is about defending President Trump."

If Bill Barr said that publicly especially when he was being vetted he would' have never been confirmed, Lara.

She continued on her Hannity groove calling McCabe and Comey liars until Harris cut in to let others respond..

There is real money to be made on Fox News if you stick to their Russia hoax script and suck up to Trump and his accomplices .

A bit later in the segment Harris came back to Logan and gave her a chance to attack former Pres. Obama officials James Clapper and Andrew McCabe.

Marie finally got a chance to respond to the lunacy of Lara Logan and said there was plenty of evidence to open up fair investigations.

"A campaign having contact with Russian officials and then lying about it. We know those are facts that happened, including the Trump Tower meeting," she said.

Logan laughed off-screen.

Marie then pounced, "I hear Lara laughing, and she says that nothing I said is accurate, but what she did was name a lot of conspiracy theories that are popular on the internet that if you read the Mueller report, yes, ..."

Faulkner immediately tried to cut Harf off while Logan had all the time in the world to spread lies and misinformation.

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