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Mike Huckabee Glorifies Trump For Saving Roger Stone: You'd Be 'Sentencing Him To Death'

On Fox News Outnumbered, you would think Roger Stone was a poor, helpless victim who only committed a process crime, as if that is not a criminal act in itself.

Donald Trump has taken a lot of criticism over his commutation of his pal, political confidant, and operative Roger Stone.

Stone was convicted on many charges including obstructing justice, lying to the FBI, and intimidating a witness. And he begged for a pardon while saying he had been loyal to Trump and keeping his mouth shut. This indicates Stone had a lot of dirt on Donald.

However, if you tuned in on today's Fox News' Outnumbered program with no Democratic voice on its panel, you would think Roger Stone was a poor, helpless victim who only committed a process crime, as if that is not a criminal act in itself. If not for the so-called "Deep State" Stone would never have been targeted, they insist.

Oh, and to at least one panelist, Trump was glorious for commuting Stone's prison sentence.

Harris Faulkner opened up and asked Mike Huckabee about Stone's get of jail card.

"Was this a great thing for the president to do given the timing? Commuting the sentence of Roger Stone? Or not?" she asked.

"I think it was a necessary thing," he replied. "To put Roger Stone in prison during a covert outbreak, basically sentencing him to death, they denied his motion to simply delay."

"This isn't a pardon. I think people need to keep in mind that he's not off the hook," he said.

Harris acknowledged that it's a commutation, but forgot to add that Stone wanted a commutation so he could try and erase the conviction altogether with an appeal.

And this: It's no jail time is what it was.

Only Roger Stone should not face any jail time for breaking the law multiple times during the country's most sacred election, the presidency, all because he may get the coronavirus?

The ever-laughable Huckabee continued throwing out straw men to defend Trump's decision that apparently even the cover-up general, Bill Barr was against.

"How is justice really served by taking a 67-year-old man and putting him in a COVID boilerplate? How does that make me, as an American citizen, better, safer, more financially secure? it doesn't."

WTF, does any of what he just said make sense?

Sentencing a person to prison for breaking the law is supposed to be Republican catnip. Now as long as you don't commit what they consider a violent act, you shouldn't even be charged with a crime.

Co-host Kennedy was smirking in the background and when called on she explained her over disgust, not Trump's commutation of Stone, but at Chairman Adam Schiff, because he had the audacity to give his opinion about Trump's unprecedented action.

Not once did any of the panel members mention the crimes that Stone was actually convicted (outside of being an eccentric) of because there is no excuse for his commutation then.

Sycophants gotta sycophant.

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