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Texas Democrats Win Big In The Convention War

Democrats believe in governance and planning. Republicans do not. This was obvious in Texas during the state conventions.

Planning. Democrats are pretty damn good at planning.

Republicans are not. They ignore the inevitable and then waste time whining about it when it gets here. Backed into a corner, they can’t make a decision or even take a smidgeon of responsibility when they do. Everybody runs around covering their butts instead of getting anything done.

Republicans make a big damn mess and I’m not even talking about their response to Covid 19. I’m talking about the political party conventions in Texas.

Democrats opted out of an in-person state convention that was pre-planned for San Antonio. The state party announced Democrats would have a virtual convention in June and spent a month planning for it, even with the entire party staff working from home. They hired a television producer to come in and set up the workings on Zoom. Not much television is being produced right now so it was easy to find one who knew their stuff.

The convention was spectacular and everybody had the best seat in the house. We had individual senatorial district meetings with a couple hundred people each to elect people to committees (which also met) and national convention delegates. It went off without a hitch and was pre-planned in detail.

One way you know it was successful is that every past virtual convention in the country has lost money. Texas Democrats netted $1.5 million. Instead of 4,000 people attending, hundreds of thousands watched. They trained and certified 3,400 voter registrars in Texas and trained thousands in every aspect of campaigning. And all because it was planned like a royal damn wedding.

Now let’s look at the Texas Republican Convention. They wanted to hold it in Houston at the George R Brown. At the time, Houston is a giant Fry Baby of virus. Mayor Turner said nope. They went the court who also said nope. So they smugly took it to the Texas Supreme Court, the most rightwing Republican court in the nation, and even 7 of them said, “are you nuts?” and one abstained and the other is nuttier than squirrel poop. That occurred exactly one week before the convention was to start.

So, all these old straight white men and their Karens run home to see if their Radio Shack Tandy 150 computers can use Zoom.

And then there’s the national convention. Democrats have been planning theirs for two months. Republicans are still trying to find a place to have it. Honey, it has Goat Rodeo written all over it. Trump was even considering putting delegates on cruise ships and docking them near the convention center. He’s gonna wait until the last minute to make a decision and then claim he’s a victim of everybody on the damn planet because he’s not getting his convention. We will once again hear a spoon being pounded on a high chair tray.

So, there ya go – a great reason to vote for Democrats. They can see trouble a mile off and plan for it.

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