September 20, 2020

Assistant HHS Secretary Admiral Brett Giroir refused to answer Jake Tapper's direct questions on why Trump refuses to adhere to the CDC, and his own health officials and instead host super-spreader COVID events.

On CNN's State of the Union, host Jake Tapper tried to get Brett Giroir to at least address the fact that Trump refuses to adhere to all health officials' and CDC guidelines for social distancing and wearing masks indoors while constantly hosting reelection campaign rallies with his unprotected followers.

After Giroir rambled on about how everybody should be doing their part, the CNN host remarked that we still have 40,000 cases a day, and 200, 0000 deaths, “How is this not a failure, and how is President Trump leading us out of it in the right way, according to your own words?”

After agreeing with the CNN host that we do have a lot of new cases, still Admiral Giroir wants us to know that people can empower themselves and save lives doing the things we talk about."

And then the Assis. HHS Secretary made a weird comment, "It doesn't matter, biology is independent of politics."

Okay, so what does that mean? Trump is obviously using politics when he constantly disregards safety protocols and continues to campaign on the trail and host super spreader events regardless of how it affects his supporters, their own friends, and families and the country.

And Trump's supporters are lashing out and disregarding all safety guidelines in an effort to restore their freedoms or some such nonsense.

Tapper asked again, "What about the rallies?"

"Dave Matthews isn’t touring this year because of the risk to his fans, but President Trump is doing these rallies," Tapper pressed. "The people are not wearing masks. I mean, these are super-spreader events potentially.”

Giroir spookily repeated the same phrase, “So again, I just want to repeat what I said. Biology is independent of politics –”

The CNN host abruptly cut in, “Don’t tell me, tell President Trump.”

I mean WTF does that mean in regards to Trump hosting superspreader events weekly and encouraging his minions to shun protective health guidelines so they can lovingly scream out his name and call for people to be locked up?

Giroir just continued repeating his prepared talking points that everybody should adhere to the health and safety guidelines during the pandemic.

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