The extreme right wing QAnon propaganda machine went on tilt after General Milley threw cold water on their ridiculous CRT claims against the military.
June 25, 2021

The extreme right wing QAnon propaganda machine went on tilt after General Mark Milley threw cold water on their ridiculous critical race theory claims against the military.

Fox News hosts all over the dial were attacking the military relentlessly.

But Newsmax' Greg Kelly took it to a whole other level, claiming the general was snuggling up to VP Kamala Harris with something much more salacious on his mind.

"Take a look at this." he said. "I happen to remember him flirting with Kamala Harris at the inauguration. I mean that is some serious close talking and I think that's a double handshake okay? They are cozy."

After attacking the house the general lives in, the Newsmax host called him a "swamp snake."


This is their unhinged response to a military leader because the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refused to be part of a conspiracy theory borne out of a wingnut liar looking for his payday. Qnuts and Republicans concocted the critical race theory baloney they claim is being taught to our children and to the military.

This preposterous idea has been embraced by the right to such an extent that they are trying to destroy the FBI and the military, in the hopes their lies will win them the 2022 election.

The cancer culture of the right is a tremendous danger to this country. They are inciting violence and pitting races and cultures against each other for the cynical cause of taking back the House. They've done it before (Tea Party, Common Core, Sharia law, etc) and they'll do it again unless we can break their cycle of success.

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