In a truly gross and embarrassing display of adoration, the Fox trio of Hegseth, Cain, and Campos-Duffy couldn't say enough nice things about Rodgers alleged thought process in deciding NOT to get the COVID vaccine.
November 6, 2021

In the least surprising move ever, Fox pundits are defending Kaaron Rodgers on his anti-COVID vaccine stance. The Green Bay Packers' quarterback spewed all the right-wing nutjob horse-deworming bullsh*t on the Pat McAfee podcast on Friday, and was pilloried by most thinking, scientific people who prefer not dying.

On Fox and Friends, Rachel Campos-Duffy stuck up for Rodgers, saying she felt just the same way as him when she got COVID - she was totally psyched for a stronger immune system if she didn't die! "I will have these antibodies and I will be able to fight this off."

Pete Hegseth chimed in, saying how impressed he was with how much thought Rodgers has clearly given the subject. "He's done a lot of research on it. I think the challenge he is facing now is that in order to avoid the mob at that moment he was willing to obfuscate and say, "I've been immunized." He wasn't asked the follow-up question, 'Were you vaccinated?' He claims he would have said, 'No.' But he wasn't asked that, so he was happy saying he's been immunized, which really meant he went through a protocol of his own based on a consultation with his doctors."


Hegseth then said some stuff about the "woke mob blah blah BLM blah protest blah blah" and Will Cain bobbed his head up and down, but then Campos-Duffy opened her damn mouth about Jen Psaki, for some reason.

"Will, is it fair the reaction that to Aaron Rodgers getting COVID, so people are kind of going, 'See, you got COVID, because you tried to take all this zinc, and vitamin D, and Ivermectin, you still got COVID.' How come Jen Psaki doesn't get that?" she asked. "She has been vaccinated multiple times and she got it, but she doesn't get that same reaction."

I'm sorry, what?

First of all, who's suggesting you take Ivermectin to prevent COVID? Okay, never mind that one.

Second of all, Jen Psaki doesn't get that BECAUSE she literally did all she could to prevent herself from getting COVID by getting the vaccine. THAT is why people aren't angry at her. She didn't LIE about whether or not she got the vaccine. She didn't mislead anyone. She told this thing called the truth. She followed the science, you f*cking pinecones. Don't you DARE compare Our Queen Of Fire Jen Psaki to Kaaron Rodgers.

Not to be outracisted (?) by Hegseth, who decided to drag Black Lives Matter into this discussion for no good reason at all, Cain decided that he would go full Grand Dragon White Hood by bringing up wide receiver Henry Ruggs, who killed someone in a drunk driving incident last week. First Cain agreed with Hegseth, then he agreed with Campos-Duffy, then he nearly creamed himself over Rodgers' tHoUgHtFuLnEsS in his "decision." But then, he wanted to know why Ruggs, who is Black, (did I need to write that part?) wasn't receiving the amount of media outrage that Rodgers was.

"He has received less attention and outrage and condemnation from sports media than Aaron Rodgers has over his vaccination choice, that should tell you everything you need to know about where we are as a culture," said Cain, in an impressive display of verbal flatulence.

Gee, I googled Henry Ruggs and had no problem finding dozens of articles in sports media about this horrific crash, and not only that - this dude's entire LIFE is about to be cancelled. He faces 46 years in prison for this accident. What does Rodgers face for potentially infecting dozens, maybe hundreds of people with a deadly virus? Media scrutiny? Having slightly fewer millions of dollars than he used to have as some of his business deals get cancelled? I'm okay with that.

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