March 19, 2022

On Friday evening, Fox News' Sean Hannity took the side of Russia, using Kremlin talking points to bash President Biden.

President Biden called Putin a war criminal which elicited a Kremlin response.

Hannity put up a graphic of the statement made by Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov that attacked President Biden, describing him as irritable, fatigued and forgetful.

A common criticism coming from much of Fox News, since they can't attack Biden on the substance of what he's doing.

Hannity then used Russia's bombastic words to piggyback off of them in agreement with the Kremlin to bash Biden.

"When describing Biden the Kremlin spokesman said quote, 'Given such irritability from Mr. Biden, his fatigue and sometimes forgetfulness, well fatigue that leads to aggressive statements. We will not make harsh assessments so as not to cause more aggression,'" he droned.

Hannity continued, "Like I've been saying, Biden's weakness on the world's stage is emboldening bad actors all across the globe as Biden and Democrats abandon the peace through strength strategy that was successful."

The world has rallied around Biden with a renewed vigor, including NATO against Russia's aggression against Ukraine. The results have been palpable and easy to see for anyone who has their eyes open.

Hannity always needs to make Traitor Trump appear to be tough against Putin, even though the former guy embarrassed the entire nation with his submissive behavior towards the Russian president.

Chairman Adam Schiff described it best when he said Trump's actions made him look compromised.

Fox News hosts who have been pro-Putin haven't gone as far as reading direct statements from Russia, and not only cosigning them, but going even further than what the Kremlin is saying about a sitting US president during a major foreign policy nightmare.

The world has rallied around Biden with a renewed vigor against Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

The Kremlin thanks Hannity.

Putin thanks Hannity.

Anyone who considers themselves an American should be appalled. David Corn said it best:

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