September 1, 2022

Senator Lindsey Graham has predicted that "there will be riots" if Donald Trump is indicted, and the comments at Free Republic are ... unhinged:

Riots in the streets is exactly what the Deep State wants.

It will give them the excuse they need to identify and neutralize the most virulent MAGA activists.


Sept indictment leads to riots which give the communists reason to shutdown the election defeat in November! Watch!


GrahamPox would be happy for an excuse to permanently shut down MAGA. What an asshat.

biden’s troops will be looking for any excuse to open fire on a crowd of Republicans. They will go so far as to plant operatives in the crowd who will start violence. Then anyone who was within 5 miles will be thrown into solitary.


Sen. Limp-wrist is just trying to validate AG Garland’s claim that whites are the greatest threat.

Most whites don’t riot. We have jobs and bills to pay. We also have to pay taxes to prop up this collapsing system. We can all thank obama for this mess.


Riots false flag riots instigated by the FBI I am sure!! They would do ANYTHING!! If they indict Trump WE NEED to stay out of the streets they will set us up AGAIN!! WE NEED to show up in DROVES at the midterms enough of us to overcome the fraud!!

These folks seem to believe Graham wants riots so Trumpers can be repressed. As a result, they think rioting is a terrible idea.

Some recommend voting. Others would prefer a little terrorism:

I think it would be better to single out antifa and blm acivists and leadership for discrete retribution, ranging from doxxing to .... well, use your imagination.

I’m too old to do stuff like that, but there are probably those who have the expertise and equipment to do it.

Far more effective than rioting in the streets.


Any en masse confrontation will only lead to the fate the J6 demonstrators met.

Things must be done discreetly, with small cells of no more than two to five people.

The smaller the cell, the harder to connect to a larger movement.

There are some similar reactions in the Fox News comments:

It won't be will be war...civil war. Everyone laughed for decades at the South for saying the South would rise again...people aren't laughing right now because they now know it could become a very real possibility.


... The purpose of all this theater is to cause chaos right before an election that the Democrats were going to lose. Riots in the street would work quite well for them as an excuse to further demonize half the electorate and cancel these elections. A far better response would be to channel those Canadian truckers and non-violently shut Washington down. Targeted boycotts and pickets of the media and tech firms supporting the regime also might also make these less effective as tools to suppress opposition. Riots hurt real people, not the elites. They have to be shown that the consequences of political instability will hurt them, too.


The thing is, when Republican's riot, it won't be to destroy businesses and cars and people's livelihoods. It will be against the government. That's the difference. When Black Lives Matter and antifa were rioting, they burn down cities. When Republicans riot, we tend to go for government buildings and officials and we would do it in a more organized manner.


The Constitution is the only thing preventing a Civil War. If the Democrats discard it, they will have no authority to do anything. And those who oppose them will have no restraint....


There is very good reason why the Founding Fathers gifted US Citizens the Second Amendment and that reason has nothing to do with hunting.


Historically from what I have read assassinations follow such things. I am not saying who, when, where but they often did take place and sometimes entire families so all I know is this stuff happens. Sort of a cleansing as i see it is all historically that is ;-) Despite Secret Service the way and means to reach out and touch someone is ever presents day and night.


Civil War? Can't happen? If only 1% of the Trump supporters decided to revolt against the authorities, there would be 80,000 people with guns, marching into state offices, Utility districts, and Television stations all over the U.S. at the same time... Your cops would stand down because they would be grossly outnumbered. That's only 1%. They could take down your Blue State, while you are sleeping. We only need to capture one BLUE state and hold it for two weeks. Imagine a "well organized" militia with all the toys for night fighting equipment we currently own, the surprise attacks... Cutting off power, communications, water supply, command and control, roads and bridges would be blocked using cement barriers, trucking would come to a halt, so would trains and airports...Noooo, it can’t be done...LOL


Just blockade all the big blue cities, cut off power, food, water and fuel going in and they will collapse without having to invade.

They'll probably never do any of this. But it's obvious that they really want to.

Republished with permission from No More Mister Nice Blog.

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