Fox Blames President Obama For Zimmerman Verdict


If anyone thought that Geraldo Rivera wasn't done saying offensive things about the murder of Trayvon Martin now that the jury has found George Zimmerman not guilty, they would be sadly mistaken.

Rivera has already gone on record blaming Martin for his own death by "dressing like a wannabe gangster" and wearing a hoodie. And as we discussed here, he was blaming the Rev. Al Sharpton for using "race politics" to force the prosecution to bring a weak case against Zimmerman. Whether the case was weak, or Florida's laws are just really horrible, or whether the prosecution just did a bad job or not will be a point of contention and debate for some time to come, I'm sure.

What's utterly ridiculous is where Fox's Geraldo and his fellow host Jeanine Pirro went next, which is to of course blame President Obama for this mess as well, because he dared to weigh in on the case when he said that if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon. He politicized the case! He forced them to take it up when it was obvious that Zimmerman wasn't guilty! Sorry, but no, President Obama did not force them to take up this case. Public pressure did along with the media attention the case received. And no one demanded that Zimmerman be found guilty. Just that he had his day in court.

Fox's coverage has been nothing short of disgusting. They spent the hour or so before this mess with footage in the background of every single angry looking black person outside of the court room they could find, no audio of course so the viewers could hear what they were saying, and just hoping they'd catch some riot breaking out.

Much to Geraldo's disappointment, I'm sure, once he got a chance to interview one of the women outside, she was not hoping to see any violence from the protesters and was just very disappointed in the verdict. And she did a much better job of articulating what you're ever going to hear on Fox about why this verdict is such a tragedy.

I'm waiting for Fox to end up hiring Zimmerman after all of the cheerleading they've done for him since this case gained national attention. Maybe he can be Hannity's new sidekick. Or maybe they'll bring him in as a specialist on race relations alongside of Mark Fuhrman.


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