Laura Ingraham Repeats Right-Wing Distortion That The President No Longer Gets Daily Briefing On The Economy


Who needs Fox News when we've got right-wing flame thrower Laura Ingraham as one of the panelists on ABC's This Week? Media Matters already debunked this recent attack on President Obama last month, but Ingraham claims she just heard about this in the LA Times the day before.

Right-Wing Media Deceptively Attack Obama For Not Receiving Daily In-Person Economic Updates:

Right-wing media have attacked President Obama for his decision to stop receiving daily in-person economic briefings. In fact, Obama still receives a daily economic briefing on paper and regularly meets with members of his economic team as well as outside economists and experts. Read on...

Transcript via ABC News:

INGRAHAM: We learned in the LA Times yesterday that the president no longer gets a daily briefing on the economy. I had to read it two or three times. This must be a satire. Someone's written this. The president is not getting a daily briefing on the economy? What does that -- message does that send to the markets? I think what -- Matthew's right. There is not a sense that this president is actively engaged on the most serious problem facing our country now, which is, we're on the brink of economic stagnation as far as the eye can see.

He needs to look engaged. He has to be able to come out and say, you know, I said it a couple of months ago, and I'm going to say it again: The buck stops here. I'm bringing in a new economic team. Thanks, Tim Geithner, but we are retooling our shop, and we are going to be coming out with a series of ideas that are going to surprise people. They're not ideological. They're about creating jobs in this country. It has to be bold. And I would agree. We have to change the momentum right now. He seems like the absentee president.

I'm no more of a fan of Tim Geithner than Ingraham apparently is. I'm also fairly sure that President Obama would have a lot of trouble getting anyone past a Republican filibuster in the Senate to replace Geithner that I'd be happy with as much as I'd love to see him gone myself. All anyone has to do is look at the way they treated Elizabeth Warren for proof of that. I'm curious if Ingraham were asked who she thought should replace him, what names she'd toss out there. I suspect they would not be as ridiculous as Mike Huckabee's recommendation the other day, but probably choices that are equally as bad or worse than Geithner. I guess we'll never know since Jake Tapper didn't ask her, and he didn't correct her distortion either.


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