Linda McMahon Thinks 'We Ought To Review' The Minimum Wage But Doesn't Know What That Wage Is


Apparently the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut thinks we should "review" the minimum wage. However, she has no idea what that wage even is or how many of her employees at the WWE are earning it. It's so nice to see these millionaires so in touch with the needs of average American voters that they might be representing should they get elected.

The Huffington Post has more on McMahon and her apparent lack of what the minimum wage is and what raising or lowering it actually means to the American economy.

Linda McMahon: 'We Ought To Review' The Minimum Wage

Her campaign apparently shot back at the article and said that they were not necessarily advocating for lowering it, but just for a "review". Well I'd welcome that review if she actually thought it was too low, but I'll be shocked if that's the case. If we wanted an honest "review" of whether the minimum wage is too high, I say let Linda McMahon try to live off of those wages for a year with no access to her other income and after that "review", we'll get her opinion on it.

And I just wanted to make one other point on the video which I've included here which is Ed Schultz, Ron Christie and Joe Madison debating McMahon's statement on Ed's show. I really was not sure which I wanted to make the headline, but decided criticism of McMahon was more worthy of notice than my criticism of the video I included.

That said, note to Ed Schultz. Please quit bringing Ron Christie, Heidi Harris and a host of other right wing back benchers on your show.

It's not entertainment to see these people lie and talk over your other guests and filibuster interviews. It's just annoying. And they add ZERO to any honest debate on the topics you have them on to discuss.

I guess you think it's fun arguing with these people, but you do a lousy job of calling them out since you don't have your facts straight to rebut them most of the time. You validate their opinions by pretending they're anyone most Americans should take seriously by having them on your show in the first place and and most of these people are just Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity wanna' bes that you're elevating to a place that they don't belong. Either start doing your homework if you're going to keep bringing these people on your show or put them up against actual liberals that do. You want to keep bringing on Ron Christie, let's see how fast he runs for the hills if you tell him you'd like for him to debate Sam Seder.

If anyone else would like for Ed to have some better guests on his show you can contact him at either his radio show here or at MSNBC here.

I'm happy that Ed is one of the few people out there advocating for the unions and sticking up for the working class. That said, if there's any way we can influence him to improve his guest list, I've love to see it. It's horrid and Ron Christie's all too frequent appearances being example one as posted here.


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