Fox News Shows Its Disdain For #OWS In Graphic Form

Fox' Good Riddance to Zuccotti.png

Fox News had a very different opinion on the tea party movement which they used hosts like Greta, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, helped shape and create than they do about the OWS protests. Because of Roger Ailes hatred of the left and Murdoch's hatred of Obama, they took the tea party protests, which were a nascent gathering of loserman conservatives who were crying that McCain lost the election and heaped millions of dollars upon the idea of creating an adversarial group outside their own hosts on FNC to target "the left" and President Obama.

“Rupert Murdoch says Glenn Beck ‘was right’ that Obama is a racist who hates white people,”

It worked quite well for Ailes and Murdoch up until the midterm elections. Now, the tea party has Sarah Palin type negatives so Glenn Beck was dumped and Ailes changed courses to make it appear they weren't as extreme as they were after the GOP went down to defeat in 2008.

Their graphic and vocal disdain for the protesters has been oozing out of their pores as soon as the OWS movement began. This screen grab illustrates how Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocey, Brian Kilmeade, Megyn, Cavuto, Eric Bolling, Brett Baier panel, Billo, Hannity, Greta, Judge Napolitano really and the rest of the crew feel about the #ows movement. Now if it were tea party members complaining about Obama, you'd see a completely different viewpoint on these protests. A real grassroots movement scares conservatives and Roger is no different,

But it's Roger Ailes show and they are his playthings.

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And remember, C&L's OccuPies Drive is still on.

When we first decided to raise money to buy Occupiers some pizzas - we have NO IDEA there would be hundreds of encampments lasting this long. No joke. We thought it'd be a weekend. Couple of pizzas and DONE. Well, we were wrong. They are still there - there are more of them and they are still hungry.

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Occupy LA has no food. None. I was there last night and they had a couple of apples and bottled water. They had not had one hot meal that day. They have the biggest Occupation in terms of numbers - it's four times the size of Zuccotti in terms of space and people and they have no food.

We're doing what we can and it's because of you guys. You guys have donated money - whatever you could to help feed these guys. We've raised over $30,000 in small donations and bought pizzas for 40 cities (Occupy Muncie, anyone?)

Anything you can give helps.

Thanks all!


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