Really, Rick Warren?


I'm sort of grateful I had to be away this weekend as the Aurora tragedy entered the "endless news cycles of speculation and rehash" stage. It's a raw thing, this idea that cable news has to churn the story over and over, with "expert" embellishment and endless speculation about why, why, why such a thing has happened. Add the whacko radical evangelicals and their penchant for blaming everything but the person and the gun and of course, the many, many, many different ways one can put their hands on 6,000 rounds of ammunition in a fairly short time, and the free-for-all begins to spiral down, down, down.

But in the realm of evangelicals, there are still a couple of go-to guys that at least give the appearance of being reasonable and open-minded, even though they seem to prove over and over that appearances are deceiving.

And so it comes to pass that the screen shot of a now-deleted Rick Warren tweet about the Aurora tragedy surfaces, proves beyond all reasonable doubt that there is no sunlight between Mr. Warren's judgmental attitude and the odious American Family Association.

For some unknown reason, a guy who by all accounts was an introverted churchgoer at some point in his past, a camp counselor and a boy genius type snaps. He booby-traps his apartment in an apparent attempt to murder his neighbors and any innocent bystanders who might have actually had the misfortune to be there, packs up his car with his four guns, his body armor and proceeds to inflict deadly and grievous harm to nearly one hundred people and would have done much more had his gun not jammed.

After all of that, a Christian pastor's response to this is to say what? That he behaved like an animal because he was raised to believe he was one? Um, no. That's so wrong. So, so very wrong.

I'm sure the 2012 Saddleback Forum Mr. Warren intends to hold with Mitt Romney and President Obama will be all fair and balanced, right?

He explained that the purpose of the forum is "to promote social civility so that people with major disagreements (can) talk without beating each other up."

Whoa, that's some real leading by example there, Mr. Warren. You get some idea in your head that Mr. Boy Scout was raised on monkey juice and evolutionary theory, and you call him an animal (along with anyone else who might actually dare to believe that) and then claim you're going to host this sweet nicey-nice "lets-all-get-along-even-though-I-think-you-suck" forum?


Also, a side note to media: Could you have found a creepier front shot that wasn't a mug shot? Wow, like we need to really know the guy is probably insane? I agree with the shooting victims: focus on the heroes and not the bad guy.


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