David Shuster

Shuster: 'The Republican Party Works For Fox News'

Current TV correspondent David Shuster says that it should not be a surprise to Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum or anyone else that Fox News is "shilling" for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Last week, Santorum

Romney May Have Paid Zero Taxes In 2009

I spent some time yesterday going through Willard's 2010 return and 2011 estimates of his taxes, and I agree with David Shuster in this segment. There's every possibility that the Romneys paid no income taxes at all in 2009 and possibly also in

#OWS: Bloomberg, NYPD Called Out For Blocking Press Coverage

“Countdown” guest host David Shuster and Jonathan Turley, constitutional law expert and professor at George Washington University – and a Countdown contributor – analyze Mayor Bloomberg’s claim that the NYPD are keeping the press from the story “so journalists can be safe.”

Second Iraq War Vet Injured By Police At #OccupyOakland Protest

Countdown's David Shuster talked to The Guardian's Adam Gabbatt who broke this story of yet another Iraq War veteran being the victim of police brutality at the Occupy Oakland protests -- Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police