Is CNN Really On The White House's Payroll?

We all remember Nancy Pelosi railing CNN's Kyra Phillips on 9/8, after Kyra was defending the Feds and the administration over the handling of Katrina."

"Nancy:"Myra...Myra....Myra, Kyra, if you want to make a case for the White House you should go on their payroll."

Well it turns out she might not be so far from the truth.... The Fix is in:

...September 12th even the White House admitted that FEMA had been its own disaster area. That same day, CNN's parent company, Time Warner, announced the hiring of DeLay's chief of staff as a top Washington lobbyist. This news, and its timing, prompted Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy to tell the L.A. Weekly: "Time Warner aligning itself with the right-wing DeLay machine should send shudders [down] CNN and HBO. Clearly, TW wants DeLay insurance so it won't have to face cable-ownership safeguards, la carte rules and broadband non-discrimination on"


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