Mike's Blog Round Up

Hoffmania! Why is this debatable? It ain't even news! The new NIE proves that our deranged president has been lying his ass off for months. Harry Reid attempts to count the ways. Orcinus hates to say, "I told you so," but goddamit, he and millions of others did...and now that we know that U.S. secret prisons are a legal vacuum for 14,000 people, isn't time to revisit the word, “Gulag”?

Opinions You Should Have: Bush in delicate negotiations with senators over drafting of new law he will completely ignore

Daily Howler: David Broder confesses: Six years later, 'The Dean of All Washington Pundits' explains why he pandered to Bush. The Coumbia Journalism Review criticizes the media for failing to report the myriad problems in our election system and the Brad Blog criticizes CJR for being two years late in noticing. The Petrelis Files informs us that The New York Times, in it's story about the Iraq Study Group, failed to report that the Group consulted with Times foreign affairs columnist Thomas L. Friedman and he wasn't the only journalist who met with them. Pravda On The Potomac Strikes Again..the WaPo's latest love note to G-Dub.

Confined Space: Killer Spinach: The human cost of tax cuts, small government, and self regulation. Bush to America--"Eat (cow) shit and die"

Newsie8200's Penndit: A comprehensive campaign news update. It's all here.

Talking Points Memo: Do yourself and your country a favor this morning...

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