Fox's Tucker Carlson and Katie Pavlich are very upset that President Obama did not meet with their overlords at the NRA first before considering taking executive action on background checks for gun sales.
January 3, 2016

Fox's Tucker Carlson and Katie Pavlich are very upset that President Obama did not meet with their overlords at the NRA first before considering taking executive action on background checks for gun sales.

President Obama is considering expanding background checks after Congress has sat on their hands for years on end now and will likely try to address closing the gun show loophole, which Pavlich of course calls "nonexistent."

Naturally any moves to keep guns out of the hands of those who are mentally unstable, have criminal records or histories of domestic violence are met by shrieks by the likes of Carlson and Pavlich, who breathlessly warned that this means Obama is coming for everyone's guns any day now. Be afraid! Be very afraid! He met with Bloomberg! Run fer yer lives!!!!

Here they are trying to scare the hell out the geriatric crowd that watches their network on this weekend's Fox and Friends Saturday:

CARLSON: So this is in response to terrorism, the president says. Based on your knowledge of the recent terrorist attacks in this country and in Europe, are the executive orders the president is about to carry out going to stop terrorists? Would they have stopped terror attacks?

PAVLICH: The answer is no and it really is quite amazing that the President of the United States is taking a domestic approach to gun control, going around Congress, despite the fact that Democrats in Congress have been opposed to a gun control agenda and using terrorism as an example of why we need more gun control. And Americans feel the opposite.

Americans feel like they are vulnerable. They feel like they want to have more access to firearms in order to defend themselves and here we are with a president now, after years of Congress, and again, controlled by Democrats at one point denying President Obama his gun control agenda, he's going around Congress and doing what? Because he says he has to do something.

And the main question here is based on the president's words. He says he wants to stop gun violence, well, based on the fact he wants to expand background checks and he's meeting with Loretta Lynch on Monday. Background checks aren't going to do much to stop terrorism, not to mention deter criminals. And so I'm not sure President Obama is doing this in the way that's actually going to have an effect.

CARLSON: Right, and we should point out that the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino were, you know, carried out with weapons that were bought legally. The people who bought them underwent background checks. Republicans in Congress said they had not been consulted at all on this. The NRA has not been consulted. Only people who agree with the president have talked to him about his plans for new gun control. Do we know what exactly this is going to entail?

PAVLICH: Well, the White House isn't releasing specific details about what they're going to do. Now the White House has been saying for years that they want to expand so-called universal background checks. They want to close the nonexistent gun show loophole, and really the president doesn't have a lot of avenues here to go legally, which is why he's meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday.

But they have talked about maybe expanding the definition of who qualifies as a gun dealer that requires a federal license to sell firearms. They do want to implement some kind of form of regulatory process, meaning the number of guns you can sell in a certain period of time. They want to maybe regulate that. But the president has some tough legal paths here to go with and the White House is saying that it's complicated.

They're not sure what they're going to do yet, but they are looking at a proposal. Now it's important to point out where this is coming from. Who exactly did President Obama meet with before he went on his vacation?

Well, that was former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. And in December, Bloomberg's group, Everytown came out with a twelve page report detailing what they want the president to do. One of the things they suggested was requiring background checks to people who simply rent hand guns at gun ranges. So they're going for everything here.

CARLSON: Exactly.

PAVLICH: And let's not forget this is a group that also wants Australian style gun confiscation as well. We' re not just talking about gun control here. We're talking about a confiscation (crosstalk).

CARLSON: No, by the end, I'm going to need the president's permission to give my son a .22 for Christmas. You watch.

PAVLICH: Exactly.

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