In an appearance on Fox and Friends, Graham applauded Trump as champion for Christianity and a great president who deserves respect because white dude in the White House.
January 23, 2018

In an astonishingly dishonest Sunday appearance on Fox and Friends, Franklin Graham told host Pete Hegseth that liberals are staging a coup against Donald Trump.

In response to a question about how he feels about Trump's first year in office, Graham replied, "I applaud what he has done this first year, even though he has been attacked since Day One."

"The left is trying to destroy this man," he worried. "It's almost like we're in the middle of a digital coup. And that's what it is. It's a digital coup d'etat!"

In full-throated hate mode, he concluded, "They want to force him out of office, they want to take control of the government."

This small rant followed his claim that Trump gives a damn about religious liberty, which we should take care to translate as "Christian liberty," because that is the only religion Graham recognizes.

He then dropped a command into the conversation which demands a look back at recent history.

"He's our president," Graham reminded. "Whether you voted for the man or you didn't, it doesn't matter, he's the president. And if he succeeds we all succeed. If he fails, we all fail."

OH WOW. SERIOUSLY? Shall we take a look down memory lane? Yes, let's do.

In 2010, when President Barack Obama had been in office for 17 months or so, Franklin Graham took to the airwaves to declare Barack Obama a Muslim, as if it would have been a bad thing if it were even true. WAY TO RESPECT the president, Frankie!

Well, first of all, I think the president's problem is that he was born a Muslim. His father was a Muslim. The seed of Islam is passed through the father like the seed of Judaism is passed through the mother. He was born a Muslim. His father gave him an Islamic name. Now it's obvious that the president has renounced the Prophet Muhammad and he has renounced Islam and he has accepted Jesus Christ. That's what he says he has done. I cannot say that he hasn't.

Showing his "respect" for the office, Graham was still repeating his deranged, racist, xenophobic claims in 2015.

As for Trump, Graham's man-crush on him has been a thing since at least 2011, when he pimped Trump as his candidate of choice in 2012.

"Donald Trump, when I first saw that he was getting in, I thought, well, this has got to be a joke," said Graham. "But the more you listen to him, the more you say to yourself, you know, maybe this guy's right."

That was 2011. Today, Trump is his champion, his True Defender of the Faith.

But it's not just Trump. Graham also has the hots for Putin, who won his heart by persecuting gays in Russia in 2013 and co-opting the Orthodox Church to do it.

And LOOK how Franklin Reverend Worship The Money Graham "respected the president" in 2014. SO MUCH RESPECT.

"Putin is going to do what's right for Russia, and not what's right for America, but for Russia," he opined. "We used to have a president in this country that did what's right for this country, but we don't seem to have that right now."

"Putin is going to make these decisions that he thinks is best for the Russian people, and he thinks that taking advantage of children -- exploiting children -- is wrong for any group so they passed a law," Graham added. "So, I do agree with him."

Way to lift all the boats there, Frankie. By the way, he's spreading lies, hate and homophobic propaganda, but you knew that. It's the Graham brand, now.

Earlier this month Graham was roasted on social media for his hypocrisy during an interview on MSNBC where Alex Witt asked him to reconcile his politics with his faith. He couldn't do it then, and he cannot do it now.

After he made the ridiculous claim that liberals were out to overthrow the orange shitgibbon, Graham went on to sing the praises of Trump's tax cuts and other legislation designed to hand off a lot of money to rich folks at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

The question was about the Women's March, but Graham ignored the women entirely and instead used it as an opportunity to perform as one of the moneychangers and merchants in the temple that Jesus tossed.

"ISIS has been basically defeated in Iraq and Syria. They're on the run. We need to give him credit for that. The economy. 8,000 points on the Dow, that's incredible. 31 percent growth. That hasn't happened since FDR. This benefits everybody. People with a 401k, you are benefitting. And for me as a Christian, it supports the work that we do. Whether you're an atheist, whether you're a Catholic, whether you're a Protestant, a Jew, it doesn't matter, we all are benefitting from this man. He's a businessman, he's not a politician. And that's what I think is so good. He doesn't play by the politican's rules, he's a businessman who's trying to fix a broken system," said Graham.

So there's that. Who cares about women's rights, or equality, or the institutional racism going on in this country as long as you have a 401k, amirite?

As a parting shot, Graham informed his Fox friends and viewers that he was so proud of Trump for being the defender of Christianity that he has been.

This guy. This is the guy Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, is holding up as a defender of the faith.

"I did try and fuck her. She was married....I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married."


"You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."

"Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything."

Way to defend the faith there, Frankie. Sounds more like you're defending your wealth, amirite?

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