August 12, 2018

Remember this woman from her days as an employee of the astroturf Tea Party Express (which, sadly, CNN did their best to promote and turn into a "movement," following their Koch-funded bus tour around the country)?

Sadly, like most recipients of wingnut welfare, we never manage to be rid of them. Once they're done with one gig, they crop back up, and of course, continue to be invited back on these news outlets like CNN to pollute our airways.

Kremer's new job is being Chair of "Women for Trump," and apparently, defending the indefensible on CNN and MSNBC, which is what she lamely attempted to do on Friday's Cuomo Prime Time, where she used the "I have one black friend" defense to pretend Fox's Laura Ingraham isn't really a loud mouth flaming blatant racist who loves tossing red meat to Trump's racist base.

Transcript of the exchange above via CNN:

CUOMO: So Laura pointed to massive demographic changes. Demographic changes means one thing, people. So if she wasn't talking about ethnic and race, what kind of people was she talking about?

KREMER: Look, I don't know. There are changes going on all across the country. I know she is concerned about immigration. She is an advocate for legal immigration and wants to stop the illegal immigration. She's been focused on the sanctuary cities and the problems that we are having with sanctuary cities. The crime coming across the border with some of these people. That's what she has been focused on.

CUOMO: Right. But two things.


CUOMO: First she explicitly mentioned legal immigration as a problem and I don't think we can just dismiss with I don't know what she's talking about when she talk about the people involved. Because just because she says she didn't mean it, doesn't mean she didn't mean it, right. The truth is aside also. Left, right, reasonable.


KREMER: She didn't mean what?

CUOMO: When she says I don't mean race, I don't mean ethnic, she had to mean that, Ms. Kremer, because that's the only thing demographic changes can be, people, right?

KREMER: OK. I mean, yes. I guess that is right. But I mean, what are you saying?

CUOMO: I'm saying that she should own what she said which is that certain kinds of people make her feel uncomfortable. And that she doesn't see them as part of the America that she knows and loves.

And I think that's a problem for her having admitted that because that's what this country is. You can't take the immigrants out of this country. That's all we are, is a mixed up bunch of different types of people.

KREMER: We are. We are a melting pot. I completely agree with you. And I know that she has no problem with that. She has daughter she adopted from Guatemala. In 2008, she adopted her daughter from Guatemala. She actually just took a trip back there, I believe in 2016 with her daughter to feed the poor and the less fortunate. She's done--


CUOMO: Why is she so worried about the massive demographic changes if she loves Guatemala so much?

KREMER: Well, I can't speak for Laura. I don't, I mean, I can't speak for her. But what everybody -- what you're insinuating is she's a racist.

CUOMO: No, no. Let us not put labels on it, because it cheapens the discussion. What I'm saying is, if she doesn't believe that having brown people here and people of different races and from different places is a problem, then she shouldn't have said it, but she did.

KREMER: But Chris, why would she -- if she had a problem with that, why would she have adopted a child --

CUOMO: I think you can certainly do both things. I think that you can adopt a child and to be honest, Ms. Kremer, you brought that up. I didn't. I don't want to bring up personal life in to it. I just want to stick to what she says her policy positions. But, I do think you can in one case see a child and want to love them and give them a better life and at the same time hold general opinions about the people who are coming into your country from that place. And it seems that is exactly the case with Laura Ingraham.

KREMER: You know, I mean, this is the thing, is that, you're entitled to your belief. I am entitled to mine. I mean, we could argue and debate, but Laura Ingraham has shown that she cares about people of color by the work she is done. OK. So, let's -- I like to judge people by their actions, not their words. Maybe she meant something and didn't say it so artfully or so gracefully or politically correct. But the thing is her action shows that she cares about those people. What she is concerned about is the illegal immigration in this country that people are pouring across our borders. You have Kate Steinly, who was murdered in San Francisco.

CUOMO: Terrible case.

KREMER: You have this grandmother who was murdered in front of her grandchild and then her grand child is beheaded by the MS-13 gang. I mean, we can go on and on. In Philadelphia --

CUOMO: Kate, and that is part of the problem. Is that there are certainly horrible cases of terrible crimes performed, committed by illegal immigrants, entrances in this country.

KREMER: Right.

CUOMO: But it's also true that illegal entrance commit less crime than the rest of us. So to make them a boogie man and to suggest that they are in the main gang bangers, homicidal, it is demonstrably --

KREMER: MS-13 is a real problem.

CUOMO: Yes. And so is the Mexican mafia and so is the gangster disciples, and so is the Latin kings. And you can go after all of them, but you don't. You only go after the ones that have to do with immigrants. Why?

KREMER: No, Chris. What we're talking about is legal versus illegal immigration. Follow the law. We are a nation of immigrants.

CUOMO: She said legal immigration bothers her as well and she put out a follow up poll that said people want it cut. It should be cut. The President says the same thing again and again. They are sending us their worst, their bad people, bad hombre coming from over there. Kate Steinly, they are all like that is the suggestion. It's not true. It's poisoning perspective on who we are in this country.

And on, and on it went. Every time Cuomo made some headway with her, she did her best to deflect and continue to change the subject. Shame on CNN for continuing to give her a platform in the first place.

h/t Raw Story

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