Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, furious about former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe's upcoming book, lashed out at 'liberal' Chief Justice John Roberts for appointing a bunch of 'liberals' to the FISA court.
February 15, 2019

President Lou Dobbs had a rough day Thursday. As he came to the realization that Donald Trump was going to sign the bill which specifically banned the building of any walls, and as news of Andrew McCabe's upcoming book rolled out today, it was clear things were going to get worse, not better.

After all, it was just earlier this week that the President* called him up on the phone and tried to manage Lou's angry, ruffled feathers over the fact that Donald Trump had not just failed to secure funding for a wall, he'd actually gotten fewer dollars for border barriers than he could have had on December 21st, with no government shutdown.

Lou lashed out. Not at Congress. Not at Mitch McConnell. Not even at Andrew McCabe. No, Lou lashed out at Chief Justice John Roberts, demanding he be investigated, using Wall Street Journal writer James Freeman as his foil.

Media Matters helpfully provided the transcript so you can read it for yourself, or just watch the clip up above:

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Let's ask ourselves -- this is a man running the organization, the top law enforcement agency in the country, the Department of Justice working with him, and he just creates out of whole cloth this ridiculous narrative, talking about the president's integrity and colluding with Russia without a damn bit of evidence of any kind at any quarter. The only, only unlawful act, acts in this thing -- have revealed -- has been revealed to be the acts of the investigators. These corrupt excuses for public servants sitting on the most -- two of the most of prestigious organizations in our government.

JAMES FREEMAN: And I'd like to hear from the FISA judges, because I don't think many Americans had any idea how easy it would be for an administration to turn the surveillance powers of the government which we thought were intended to go after terrorists and bad guys, not an opposition political party --

DOBBS: It turns out that Chief Justice John Roberts, who is in charge of the FISA courts, is, after all, a liberal -- and has now -- well, he has now acknowledged as such. This is -- it looks like partisan work that reaches even to the Supreme Court.

FREEMAN: I blame John Roberts for a lot. I don't know if this one we can hang on him, because I think --

DOBBS: Oh, I don't blame --

FREEMAN: -- I think it's very possible, when we get the full story, that those judges were misled.

DOBBS: I'm going to hang -- oh, I don't think there is any doubt. But this is a chief justice who put all left-wing judges into those FISA courts. It looks like a complicity that goes beyond. And only for the sake of appearances should, at the very least, no chief justice put all liberals onto any court.

FREEMAN: I'm for courts that are not all liberals, I'll agree with that.

DOBBS: Okay, and you want to give the good chief justice a pass?

FREEMAN: On this, I'm not -- I don't think he's the villain in this -- in this particular story.

DOBBS: Oh, I don't think he's -- I'm not suggesting he is the --

FREEMAN: I blame him for going south on Obamacare --

DOBBS: Let me be very clear, i'm not suggesting he's the villain -- he's one of, I think, many suspects that should be investigated thoroughly by William Barr. Do you not agree?

FREEMAN: I agree that we need to know what happened here. We need to understand how two years later we are still waiting for collusion evidence.

DOBBS: You know, that's a nice journalistic outlook, but as a citizen don't you think we ought to investigate and bring to justice every one of those S.O.B's who sat at the top of the Department of Justice and the FBI, and tried to usurp the Constitution, abused their power, and tried to depose a lawfully elected president?


DOBBS: There we go.

He couldn't even get his WSJ flack to agree with him, but when you're the "President" of everything you don't really need that anyway.

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