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Neil Cavuto Fact Checks Trump's Gibberish: 'China Isn't Paying These Tariffs, You Are'

Don't confuse Trump with the facts on tariffs for China, Neil. Farmers LOVE them.

Since the Trump administration stopped holding White House press briefings, Trump held another impromptu press spray at the WH lawn on Friday afternoon and claimed we are taking in billions of dollars from China from his tariffs. When a reporter cited some farmers who said they were unhappy, Trump said they'd asked "the wrong farmer."

Trump then went on a lengthy tirade about how we are raking in billions and billions of dollars from China (?!?) and how the Chinese are devaluating their currency (a new talking point which he couldn't explain.) He concluded by insisting they are still paying for his trade wars.

When Donald's clip was finished, Fox News host Neil Cavuto, a fixture on Fox News and Fox Business was a bit perplexed and said, "Alright, I don't know where to begin here."

Cavuto continued, "Just to be clarifying here, China isn't paying these tariffs, you are."

CAVUTO: You know, indirectly and sometimes directly. It's passed along to you through American distributors and their counterparts in the United States who buy this stuff from the Chinese and then have to pay the surcharges. Not the Chinese government on China in particular.

"I didn't quite understand what he was saying about the devaluation and how that is costing China, " Neil said.

Neither does Trump, Neil, but it's just another way to try and gaslight the American people.

Cavuto explained that Trump's newest tariffs will directly be felt by U.S. consumers since the tariffs are on consumer items. He finished up by saying, "Our governments don't pay for these things, you do."

Cavuto has tried at times to confront Trump's many lies and his sophistry when it comes to Putin.

Last week he got into a heated debate with Lou Dobbs over the explosion over the federal debt under Trump. Wonder if he's starting to lean towards the Shep Smith camp at Fox News of "almost journalist/better polish up my resumé."

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