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Fox News' Jesse Watters Compares Hearings To Soap Operas

And to think that just last week they were all complaining that they're boring.

Just last week, Republicans and Fox News State TV were complaining that the hearings were boring. Jonathan Allen wrote a review of the first day of hearings saying they were substantive but "lacked pizzazz." (Yes, he actually wrote that.)

Well, apparently they've all changed their minds, because Fox Frat Boy Jesse Watters has a different take.

"I'm thinking to myself, what's the difference between this and a soap opera?" Watters asked. "It is a bunch of cliques of people talking about their feelings. They have opinions, they have concerns. You know what the bottom line was today? They asked straight up, was there a bribe? No. Did anybody ask you to bribe anybody? No. Was there extortion? No."

This is why everyone should have to serve on a jury at least once. You learn things, like how to draw inferences from the testimony.

So I don't need to hear the word bribery to understand that bribery as intended by the framers of the Constitution to understand that the witnesses have clearly described events which are, in fact, bribery. And if there's any doubt, go back and replay Adam Schiff's closing statement Wednesday night to understand just how obvious it is.

Watters took a backhanded smack at Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Purple Heart recipient and career Army officer. Deriding Adam Schiff, Watters said, "He leads with the small ballplayers, you know, the smaller bureaucrats who did not know anything, who weren't involved in anything, that complained about everything, and then when you get to the bigger guys like [Morrison and Volker] and the guys that we're going to see in the next few days, all of the big dogs say, yeah, it wasn't a problem."

As if he knows something, Watters added, "You can't have a phone call that everybody listens to, and everybody on the phone call, at least most of them say, yeah, it is fine, and then one guy freaks out and then goes and talks to the whistle-blower."

And of course, it isn't necessarily true that Lt. Col. Vindman spoke to the whistle-blower. All we know is that he spoke to an intelligence liason who Rep. Schiff would not allow him to name because the whistle-blower is from the intelligence community and ANY name from that area would be ripe for Republicans to name as the One Who Told The Truth.

What a disgraceful, but absolutely predictable performance from State TV. After all, they have to bow and face the Cult of Trump.

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