Fox "news" has gotten their marching orders from Dear Leader to hammer home that it's antifascists, rather than white supremacist groups that are inciting all of the violence at the protests erupting around the country, and now they're encouraging their viewers to take the law into their own hands.
June 1, 2020

Fox "news" has gotten their marching orders from Dear Leader to hammer home that it's Antifa(scists), rather than white supremacist groups that are inciting all of the violence at the protests erupting around the country, and now they're encouraging their viewers to take the law into their own hands.

During this Monday's Outnumbered, the crew started things off by showing an edited clip of Minnesota Attorney Keith Ellison's interview the previous day on Fox News Sunday, conveniently omitting Chris Wallace's question to him, where he specifically mentioned white supremacists being present at the protests we've seen in Minneapolis and across the country over the last few days:

WALLACE: Mr. Attorney General over the last five days we've seen rioters in Minneapolis burn down a police station, force the National Guard to retreat, and loot neighborhoods.

On Saturday, here's what Attorney General Barr had to say.


WILLIAM BARR, UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL: Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.


WALLACE: Do you have evidence that people from outside Minnesota, whether it's far left extremists or white supremacists, that outsiders are hijacking these riots in Minneapolis?

KEITH ELLISON, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MINNESOTA: We have evidence that outsiders have been present and in some cases have played a very negative role. But I've been talking with protestors and trying to get a sense of who some of these folks are and I've heard mixed things.

Some of the negative stuff has come from people in Minnesota and some of it has come from people on the outside. What I'd say is we've got enough to handle on our own and that what we really need to do is refocus on justice for Mr. Floyd. And the negative behavior, looting, arson, does not help us achieve that goal.

Local officials are still trying to figure out who is attending these protests, and have backed off of initial claims that as many as eighty percent of those arrested were from outside of the state, but they do suspect that there is a mixture of outside protesters, white supremacists and possibly even drug cartels showing up in cities around the country to participate. Exactly how many remains to be seen.

That hasn't stopped Trump, Barr, and those on the right and in right-wing media from playing the ANTIFA boogeyman game, and pretending the group is the root of all evil and the source of all of the violence at these protests.

The propagandists on Fox decided to take things one step further this Monday, and actively encouraging vigilantism against them, with cohost Lisa Montgomery Kennedy telling people who see them causing trouble to take matters into their own hands:

KENNEDY: If you're going out protesting and you are a peaceful protester, take some zip ties and subdue some of these people in a citizen's arrest. If they are hurting people, lobbing Molotov cocktails, if they are setting things on fire, if they are breaking things and committing crimes, and go ahead and help them find what they ultimately want, which is apparently a rest.

They also sent out a notice over the weekend that they are heading to "the 'burbs" to take what's theirs. I thought you didn't believe in private property? If you see an Antifa person and they have a backpack, go ahead and take it, because they don't believe in private property, so what's theirs is yours.

Harris Faulkner tries to walk her back off the ledge, only to have David Webb double down on her sentiments and encouraging people to "take them on."

FAULKNER: We don't want to engage people in trying to physically get involved with anybody else, but I understand what you are saying. Maybe not literally. […]

WEBB: But if there are only a few coming to these riots and that's what it is, you have the pretext and then you have the riot, Harris. Then the fact is that there are more protesters, rightfully so, and there should be, then there are rioters. So, yeah, do take them on. You have the right on the responsibility of getting rid of the bad elements in your protests. As for the people coming in from the outside -- and I know it's not comfortable for some people to hear out there across America, some of the plain truth, but the plain truth is being discussed among Americans.

The fact is the environment has to exist for them to come in and create this. We saw this in Ferguson. I watched it rise up around me, and when I warned people that they were doing this, they said, "we didn't have a responsibly." Well, yes, we do have responsibility. Antifa is the action arm. The others that rise up and join them are breaking buildings, bringing pallets of bricks. When you have an ivy league educated lawyer throwing a Molotov cocktail at an NYPD police car, you are not talking about some disenfranchised, homeless Seattle Antifa member here.

Come on, America. Let's get real. These people are in there. We got to deal with them. I'm with Kennedy, we have a citizen responsibility. You want to come to the 'burbs, I've got news for you. There are Americans in the 'burbs -- black, white, left, right, doesn't matter -- you don't want you there.

And it's up to us to realize that cops can't be everywhere, DOJ can't be everywhere, law enforcement can't be everywhere, but responsibly, we can protect our businesses. And when I'm watching videos of business owners, a white woman being beaten by black youths and other youths for standing in front of her business --

Harris: Heartbreaking.

David: --- don't give me the stuff that it's not violent.

The Fox hosts sound a lot like Trump --- encouraging others to "get tough" from the safety of their homes... or bunkers, in Trump's case.

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