January 30, 2022

Fox liar and loudmouth Tucker Carlson is none too happy with the media for calling out his pro-Russian propaganda. As John discussed here last week, Carlson was straight up repeating Russian propaganda against NATO and could have very well been playing the role of their press secretary.

He was criticized by loads of other media outlets as well, and this Friday, he lashed out at his critics, and came up with one of the more ridiculous assertions I've ever heard to justify his actions. If he's a Russian puppet, then Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy must be as well, because he downplayed the prospect that war with Russia was inevitable.

Here's a good portion of Carlson's over the top rant, via Fox:

So David Frum and Joe Biden have gotten Americans so whipped into a frenzy over the future of Ukraine that they're flying to Ukraine to risk their lives in defense of that sacred nation's sovereignty. And there's the president of Ukraine saying "We're not that concerned."

So what can we infer from this? Well, it's simple. If you're not terrified about the prospect of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, the question is whose side are you on here? Whose side are you on? And we know the answer to that question. You're on Vladimir Putin's side. So it looks like the president of Ukraine himself has been compromised by Russian misinformation. The Ukrainian president is what we on cable news refer to as an agent of Putin, and that means the Russians are so diabolically effective they've recruited the guy they're preparing war against. How clever is that? It would take a Slavic mind to pull that off?

And by the way, yes, we are calling the president of Ukraine an agent of Putin, but we're not judging him. In fact, we can relate. We can empathize because, as you know, if you watch the media where agents are put in to.


But let's be clear about what the terms are. In the United States - and this does not apply to Ukraine, where they have probably the more sane view of it, or maybe just more Russian influence - but in the United States, if you raise any questions about the wisdom of siding, in a war in Eastern Europe, with one country over another, you are by definition, an agent of the single greatest threat to democracy on this globe, Mr. Vladimir Putin himself. You're treasonous.

Carlson wrapped things up by justifying the fact that his supporters are calling up Rep. Tom Malinowski, saying they're upset that the United States is siding with Ukraine instead of Russia.

Rep. Tom Malinowski of New Jersey is claiming that viewers of this show, Russian Robots to a man, reached out to his office and did something horrifying, something they probably should be legal, they said "maybe we shouldn't go to war over Ukraine."


Yeah. A lot of people said, Tom Malinowski, you know, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, right? Even by the standards in New Jersey.

However, he makes a really good point. There are people out there who look around and decide, maybe, I don't know, homelessness - close to a million people living on the street in the United States – 100,000 Americans dying of drug overdoses, inflation, the fact our schools haven't taught anything in over two years, maybe these are more important concerns in the territorial integrity of a country we can't find on a map. Maybe our own territorial integrity is more important than Ukraine's.

And the question Rep. Malinowski raises is why would they ever think that? Where would they get the idea that their stupid, parochial domestic concerns are more important than Ukraine's eastern border? And the answer, of course, is Vladimir Putin. They've obviously fallen for the Russian propaganda. That would be us doing Vladimir Putin's bidding. Like the president of Ukraine, we're guilty.

And his viewers will fall for this claptrap, hook, line and sinker. Frum wrote about the fact that Tucker's pro-Russia stance is dividing the Republican party, but you won't hear them talk about that on Fox. The only party they're allowed to do that with is Democrats, who they run non-stop "Dems in disarray" segments on day after day, week after week.

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