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Kellyanne's Husband Calls Trump Pathological; Larry Klayman Tells Kellyanne To Dump 'The Slob'

After George Conway wondered if Trump's pathological lying is a symptom of something much greater, that brilliant marriage counselor (?) Larry Klayman went off on Kellyanne.
Kellyanne's Husband Calls Trump Pathological; Larry Klayman Tells Kellyanne To Dump 'The Slob'
Image from: Fox News Digital: Screen Grab

After George Conway tweeted a series asking if there should be an inquiry into Trump's mental condition, Larry Klayman told Kellyanne Conway it's time to dump her "pathetic, hateful slob" of a husband.

Kellyanne can't fall back on her, how dare you bring up my spouse routine as she has in the past.

Here are some of the tweets George has sent in the last few days.

Larry Klayman is the founder of hateful Judicial Watch and one of the most litigious right-wing attorney's of all time. He represents many of the radicalized wingnut propagandists like Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi as well.

So in response, Klayman tweeted this:

Time for Kellyanne to Dump Her So-Called Husband! He Is a Pathetic Hateful Slob!

Just an opinion mind you, but he's one of the biggest haters in our generation. Klayman even started a petition to have Rep. Ilhan Omar prosecuted and deported and started a new conspiracy theory against her published in World Nut Daily.

Since Fox News reads these George Conway tweets on the air, it's not like Kellyanne can ignore them. But I have a feeling her job is to keep Trump in the news for good or bad, and that the so-called president's deal with her is to keep spinning her golden Rolodex of reporters so he's the center of attention. Whatever her "slob" husband says, her work husband is Donald Trump. Imagine.

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