August 3, 2013

The talking heads on Fox are terribly concerned that those heathens over at Time Magazine might be encouraging people not to have children... the horror!

When they're not busy attacking President Obama, or trashing poor people, unions, the working class, or race-baiting, this is the kind of stuff the producers at Fox come up with to fill their airways. Heaven forbid that women out there might want to do something with their lives besides just be vessels for bearing children.

The panel on Fox & Friends had on one of their regulars this Saturday, good old HuckaJesus, to weigh in on Time Magazine's latest cover with the headline: “The Childfree Life: When Having It All Means Not Having Children.” Naturally, Huckabee, and the rest of them, took the opportunity to get some shots in on single mothers, gay couples and Hollywood.

The only thing missing was Huckabee going on another abortion rant, although he is suddenly concerned for those people out there who are having children that don't really want them. Too bad he and his ilk don't believe in making birth control readily available and affordable to them so that doesn't happen quite so often.

Rough transcript below the fold.

CAMEROTA: Let's take a look at the latest cover of Time Magazine. It is stirring up controversy with its headline The Childfree Life, when having it all means not having children.

The article inside also suggests that more and more couples are choosing not to have kids because it can allow them to live a more fulfilling life. Is this the wrong message to be sending? We're joined again by Governor Mike Huckabee.

I can't wait to fight with you about this one, because it basically is trying to defy the fact that there is this motherhood mandate right now in the country and Hollywood is glamorizing pregnancy and baby bumps and maybe you can still have a good life without having children.

HUCKABEE: Well of course you can, and I recognize it for some people that's maybe the the best decision. Especially for people, ugh, maybe who write articles like this. It's a good thing they didn't have kids, seriously. But on the other side, I don't want it ever get to the point where we diminish the the idea of not only creating the next generation the training them to be our replacements, which is the highest particular calling that I think that we have as human beings, is to create an ongoing process of humanity and then to train it to be better than we are.

The real question is are we training the next generation to be better than we are? And if we're not, maybe, and if that's not our goal, probably we'd be better off being childless because... I worry about what we say when we can see Hollywood with this idea that you don't need mothers and fathers for children.

You know it's not necessary to have marriage. It's not necessary to raise that child in the context of a family and home. You know surrogate mom, get a nanny to raise it, but I'm a mom. You know, I think it's necessary to to focus on on the real sense of having the child raising the child, teaching the child right and wrong...

CARLSON: But having children means less time for vacations and spin class, where the real meaning in life resides, right? I mean, have you ever seen anything more selfish, decadent and stupid? And why is it that Time Magazine... does it surprise you that Time, which really is a natural home for a cult like this would be publishing it?

HUCKABEE: Well look, we're talking about it. And Time we'll sell more issues because we're actually discussing it. But, you know again, I'm not offended if people just say, you know, we just don't want to have children. I think it's better for people to say that and and to live that way, than for people to have kids that they don't really want.

That scares me, is the people, are the people who say, oh well, we're gonna have a kid. Boy what a mess it's going to make of our lives.

CAMEROTA: It's societal pressure to do so... and people go along with it. They don't really think about whether they are right for, maternity... paging Kim Kardashian.

HUCKABEE: One thing, I cannot imagine life without the incredible joy I've had from raising my children, all of whom are grown, who are now presenting me grandchildren. And the incredible thrill, I mean... take every dime I've ever earned, take everything I've ever owned, and I would give it away freely for the joy of holding my children and grandchildren in my arms and look into their faces and know flesh of my flesh blood of my blood. There's something incredible about that.

JOHNSON: Governor, Reverend Huckabee, yes go forth and multiply.

HUCKABEE: I will do... yeah, I've already done it.

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